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#Cryptotales part 2

Updated: Feb 13

The Crypto Wars - A Pack of 21 animations

  1. ´The Kiss of Death´ - edition of 14

In 1976 Whitfield Diffie, Martin Hellman and Ralph Merkle made a breakthrough in cryptography that became the foundation for security protocols. This started a decades long war between those who would liberate crypto and the governments who would suppress it.

2. ´The Crypto Genie is Out of the Bottle - edition of 10

In 1977, RSA, a formula for digital signatures and a means to establish trust on an electronic network was published. The paper was the first appearance of Alica and Bob, who would become the standard in crypto papers.

3. ´When Crypto is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Crypto´- edition of 10

In 1991, then U.S. Senator, Joe Biden drafted a change to S. 266, ensuring backdoors in communications. This led Phil Zimmerman to publish PGP, making him both a hero and investigated for violations of Federal Law.

4. The Houdini of Crypto - edition of 12

David Chaum is known as a pioneer in cryptography and privacy-preserving technologies, and widely recognized as the inventor of digital cash. His portrait is painted on his dissertation from 1982 "Computer Systems Established, Maintained, and Trusted by Mutually Suspicious Groups" converted into hex code. It is the first known proposal for a blockchain protocol and includes all but one element of the blockchain later detailed in the Bitcoin whitepaper.

5. ´Bernstein Vs The United States of America´- edition of 10

In 1995, Daniel Bernstein was brought to court for an encryption system he designed. The ruling in the case declared that software was protected speech under the 1st Amendment.

His portrait is made from the Snuffle algorithm he wrote and the court ruling in binary code.

6. ´The Code Talkers´ - edition of 8

A code talker was a person employed by the military during wartime to use a little-known language as a means of secret communication. They are painted on ´The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto´ written by Timothy May, converted into binary code.

7. If You Strike Me Down, I Shall Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine - edition of 3

¨The Cypherpunk Manifesto´converted into hex to recreate one of the most iconic themes in Sci-fi Cinema. The Crypto Wars were often described using metaphors from ´Star Wars´.

8. Adam Back, Proof of Work - edition of 12

Adam Back is a British cryptographer and cypherpunk.He invented Hashcash, which is used in the Bitcoin mining process. He is also known for creating the non-exportable munitions T-shirts to protest

9. Wei Dai, B - Money - edition of 12

Wei Dai is a computer engineer known for contributions to cryptography and cryptocurrencies. He developed the Crypto++ cryptographic library and created the b-money cryptocurrency system. The smallest subunit of Ether, the wei, is named after him.

10. Nick Szabo, Bit Gold - edition of 15

In 1998, Nick Szabo dsigned a mechanism for a decentralized digital currency, which has been called ´a direct precursor to the Bitcoin architecture. His portrait is on the ´Bit Gold´ paper converted into binary code.

The next 11 animations talk about the meaning of the Crypto Wars and what we should know and understand about the internet. What our part is in actually using the Cryptography that was written.

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