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Stories inscribed forever on the Blockchain

Stories are at the core of our humanity. We want them to live forever.

Is this new blockchain technology going to enable our stories and thoughts to live forever?

I explored this diving into ancient myths, animal metaphors, Pompeii and cryptography.


I have been following the NFT space closely since 2018. This new technology intrigued me. NFTs enable a peer to peer connection between the artist and the collector in an easier way then ever. They offer the ability to certify the authenticity of works of art and so much more.


In 2020, I sold my first NFTs through NiftyGateway and have been exploring the immersion of this new technology into my work. I have showed my NFT work in exhibitions, it was published in important news outlets and I have been invited to speak about NFTs in various conferences and livestreams. ​

You can check out some of my work in the secondary market here:



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