My work is about people, memories, personal stories and interesting moments in history or current events. We are an incredibly interesting and complicated species, and if you listen attentively, you will find fascinating stories everywhere. 


Being a full time artist was always the dream, but the practicle angel on my left shoulder tended to be louder than the dreamer. I went to pursue a path in psychology and alternative therapy. The human psych and its manifestations always rung my curiosity bell and at the time, diving deep into Froyd´s writing and my own demons was what seemed right. It was a long and incredible journey, learning about and experiencing the unconscious mind, it´s physical manifestations and our sense of reality. 

Over a decade later, that dreaming angel could take no more and did everything in its power to make me listen to it. I packed my bags, left everything behind, and got on a plane to Europe, the birth place of the Renaissance, to go after my personal rebirth.


After a year of exploring different materials in an International Workshop, I got my own studio and started to paint. The road was bumpy, sometimes the forks in the road needed to be revisited and contemplated again but the path was clearer than ever.

In 2017, I discovered Bitcoin and have been falling down that rabbit hole ever since. The stories and culture that have been created around this revolutionary technology really caught my attention. 

 I am currently making physical and digital art that is tokenized on the blockchain. 

“There is only one way to see things, until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes”                                   ― Pablo Picasso

My work is in private collections throughout Spain, Singapore, Israel, Germany, United States and Canada.

Selected Exhibitions 


Private studio visits 


Untitled Bcn, Barcelona, Spain

IV edición de CROMÁTICA bienal de pintura joven, Museum of Ourense, Spain


Untitled Bcn, Barcelona, Spain

Festival Stripart 2015, Barcelona, Spain

In every gaze, Centre Cívic Guinardó, Barcelona, Spain


Gallery Espai B, Barcelona, Spain

Montecolognola, Magione, Italy

Miralago, Magione, Italy 

Festival Stripart 2014, Barcelona, Spain

Untitled Bcn, Barcelona, Spain

In Viaggio: Senza Confine, Sala del Caminetto, Perugia, Italy

El erotismo, Enter-Arte, Barcelona, Spain


Gallery Humet Sala, Calella, Spain

Psychological self-portrait, Nau art, Barcelona, Spain


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