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Selected Talks, Interviews and Press


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Selected Exhibitions 


Bitcoin Art Gallery Miami

Bitcoin Art Gallery Amsterdam





CADAF Digital Art Fair

Decentraland,  CryptoArt Gallery, NiftyGateway, OpenSea

Private studio visits 

Untitled Bcn, Barcelona, Spain

IV edición de CROMÁTICA bienal de pintura joven, Museum of Ourense, Spain


Untitled Bcn, Barcelona, Spain

Festival Stripart 2015, Barcelona, Spain

In every gaze, Centre Cívic Guinardó, Barcelona, Spain


Gallery Espai B, Barcelona, Spain

Montecolognola, Magione, Italy

Miralago, Magione, Italy 

Festival Stripart 2014, Barcelona, Spain

Untitled Bcn, Barcelona, Spain

In Viaggio: Senza Confine, Sala del Caminetto, Perugia, Italy

El erotismo, Enter-Arte, Barcelona, Spain


Gallery Humet Sala, Calella, Spain

Psychological self-portrait, Nau art, Barcelona, Spain

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