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Selected Talks

TEDxIgualada - ¨The Death of Art, As We Know It¨   -   l

Mobile World Congress 2023 - ¨NFTs, A One Hit Wonder?¨ - Panel

4YFN - Mobile World Congress 2023 - Business on Digital Art: New Opportunities- Panel

Artist Teach Tech - The Artian - The Inevitable Rise of NFTS and Web3

4YFN - Mobile World Congress 2022 - New Tribes In a Decentralized Society - Panel

Crypto Week Israel - Art and NFTs

4YFN - Mobile World Congress 2021- Behind The Curtains of NFT Headlines -


Bitcoin Conference Miami - Mad Bitcoins: – Sound Money: - A Brave New World:


Jenny DAO:

Scarce-city - Bitcoin Bhavacakra:


Bitcoin ve Sanat - Turkish TV:


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