The  Hodlssey - Hodlysseus and the journey back to Bithaca

                                 A Hero’s Journey in 6 parts

* A story about the ultimate Bitcoin Hodlr

*Each part of the story is told through a unique oil painting on a hand made replica of a Roman Wax tablet

*Each Tablet comes with a hand carved stylus made of Mespilus Germánica wood and a handmade leather pouch to keep it in

*Only six will ever be made

The Bitcoin Bhavacakra

A collaboration with Chiefmonkey and Mosaic.Rocks

Buddha and Satoshis teachings on how to ascend...  from fiat samsara to bitcoin nirvana-

In our interpretation we have applied the teachings of Satoshi and shown how humans are trapped in the fiat samsara and how we may escape, evolve and ascend as a species through the adoption of a bitcoin standard. 

crypto whaler basque harpoon

Crypto Whaler Basque Harpoon

This piece tells the tale of a crypto trader, or crypto whaler, through the story of the Basque whalers.

*Each harpoon is custom made with its very own silver engravings and oil painting that depict the story of the person that owns it.

when moon sir

#Crypto Paintings

In its few years of existence Bitcoin has given birth to a renewed promised land, the new internet frontier, a contemporary El Dorado, a modern Wild West, a brave new world: #Crypto.

It doesn't really matter if the El Dorado exists or not. This brave new world deserves to be painted.