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Fellowship of the HODLR 8.jpg

The Fellowship of the HODLR - 21 Handmade Cloaks

HODLRS, the hardcore believers in Bitcoin.

The ones that know Bitcoin can change the system and the world.

Never selling, no matter what.

A cornerstone in Bitcoins mythology and the source of inspiration for this piece.

** Only 21 custom cloaks will be made.

​100% endangered local black sheep breed pure wool &

Limited edition 24k embroidery gold thread

​Commissions open



Sound Money - A Handmade Spanish Classical Guitar

DJ Honeybadger plays the Bitcoin tune while the whale, the bull, the bear, the shark and the sheep just continue in their game of musical chairs.. forever going around in circles.. not realizing they can step out and just enjoy the music.

** Guitar comes with a padded case with orange lining, extra set of Knobloch Strings Double Silver Carbon (the chosen strings of top Flamenco players) and a hand carved wooden capo.


The  Hodlssey - Hodlysseus and the journey back to Bithaca

                                 A Hero’s Journey in 6 parts

* A story about the ultimate Bitcoin Hodlr

*Each part of the story is told through a unique oil painting on a hand made replica of a Roman Wax tablet

*Each Tablet comes with a hand carved stylus made of Mespilus Germánica wood and a handmade leather pouch to keep it in

*Only six will ever be made


The Bitcoin Bhavacakra

A collaboration with Chiefmonkey and Mosaic.Rocks

Buddha and Satoshis teachings on how to ascend...  from fiat samsara to bitcoin nirvana-

In our interpretation we have applied the teachings of Satoshi and shown how humans are trapped in the fiat samsara and how we may escape, evolve and ascend as a species through the adoption of a bitcoin standard. 

crypto whaler basque harpoon

Crypto Whaler Basque Harpoon

This piece tells the tale of a crypto trader, or crypto whaler, through the story of the Basque whalers.

*Each harpoon is custom made with its very own silver engravings and oil painting that depict the story of the person that owns it.

when moon sir

#Crypto Paintings

In its few years of existence Bitcoin has given birth to a renewed promised land, the new internet frontier, a contemporary El Dorado, a modern Wild West, a brave new world: #Crypto.

It doesn't really matter if the El Dorado exists or not. This brave new world deserves to be painted.

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