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They Say Bitcoin is a Joke

But we¨ll see who gets the last laugh..

Meme culture is the artform of the internet. It serves as a conduit for spreading ideas, humor and information in a captivating way. Within the digital landscape, memes have played a pivotal role in bringing niche topics such as Bitcoin to a widespread audience. It has also fostered a sense of community and engagement around Bitcoin, ultimately contributing to its mainstream adoption.

Bitcoin FUDers have often referred to Bitcoin as being a joke, unworthy of attention.

In the spirit of meme culture, these paintings use that statement as leverage.


Each painting is a known joke, with the beloved Bitcoin animal memes. If Bitcoin would be any animal, it would be the honey badger. The honey badger is notorious for its strength, resilience and toughness. ¨The honey badger of money¨ is probably one of the first Bitcoin memes. The bull representes those who believe the price will go up over time. The whales are those bulls that have a lot of Bitcoin. And the frog.. Pepe the frog, one of the first NFTs connected to Bitcoin and probably the biggest meme of them all.

Let´s see who gets the last laugh..


Why is Bitcoin Difficulty So High?

Oil on Linen

Why Did the Honey badger Cross The Road?

Oil on Linen

Why did the Honeybadger cross the road_
A bull, a whale and a honey badger walk into a bar.jpeg

A Bull, A Whale and a Honey badger Walk Into a Bar..

Oil on Linen

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