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Wild Woman

This piece is part of the "Female Film Makers" project. It is a web3 movement created by film director and feminist Josephine LF. This project is an ongoing effort to:

  • Bring more awareness to the fact that there is a lack of female filmmakers in the film industry

  • Contribute proactively to a change

  • Create more diversity and equality in front and behind the camera

As part of the roadmap for this effort, on March 8, 2022, there will be a collective exhibition of 18 one of one pieces, made by female artists from around the world. Each artist will interpret their vision of a female filmmaker or the female gaze. To find out more, see the exhibition and events and purchase the piece:

PNG, 7000px X 4200px

Many animal metaphors, use animals to think with.

Every culture has accumulated beliefs around different animals with resemblances crossing cultures and times.

Most animal metaphors of men are based on size, strength and habitat of the animal (wilderness). Women, by contrast, are perceived as evil and or compared to domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, snakes and vixen. The choice of such names shows the expectations and beliefs society holds about males and females.

The female gaze is bringing to the spotlight the empowered woman – the Queen bee, the dominant female bonobo, the matriarch elephant and meerkat.

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