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Oh, Don Quijote, Follow the White Rabbit..

These two pieces were exhibited in the JustMad art fair. They were part of a collection called ´This is cryptoarte´- which aimed to explain what cryptoart is through the lens of Spanish culture. They were sold as NFTs - available on the secondary market here.

Don Quixote de La Mancha - one of the most important works of Spanish and classical literature. Don Quijote´s unwavering pursuit of noble ideas and fantastical quests embodies the essence of courage and imagination. In the emerging realm of cryptoart, Quijote is a visionary explorer navigating the uncharted territories of digital creativity. Much like his quest to forge new worlds from his dreams, cryptoart pioneers the frontier of a decentralized art movement, where boundaries blur and possibilities are limitless.

¨For freedom, as well as honour, one can and must venture one´s life.¨

´Pepe is fighting windmills´, digital painting.

(Available in secondary market here)

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