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Sound Money

Handmade painted Spanish Classic Guitar

* Spanish Cypress (back and sides), German Spruce- (soundboard), Walnut  (fretboard, head, bridge), Samanguilla (neck)

* Acrylic paint

* Shellac



** Guitar comes with a padded case with orange lining, extra set of Knobloch Strings Double Silver Carbon (the chosen strings of top Flamenco players) and a hand carved wooden capo.

DJ Honeybadger plays the Bitcoin tune but the whale, the bull, the bear the shark and the sheep just continue in their game of musial chairs.. forever going around in circles.. not realizing they can step out and just enjoy the music.

The story begins with a guitar from the 19th Century. A guitar beyond repair that came from the times of the father of the classical guitar, Antonio de Torres. Judging by its design and where it was found, it could have been made by the master himself, or one of his contemporaries... one thing is for sure... it holds the spirit of the Stradivarius of guitars. 


Jesús Pérez comes from a family of Spanish classical guitar makers. He learned this traditional craft, passed on by generatons, from his father when he was growing up. Jesús was happy to join my endeavour of going back to the roots of the classical guitar and created a replica of the old guitar from the 19th century. 

Making of 7.jpg
Making of 9.jpg

One of the most curious parts in the making of this guitar is the material used to create the coat of the wood. Jesús uses Shellac, applied in a vary unique way. Shellac is a resin secreted by the female lac bug on trees in the forests of India and Thailand. It is processed as dry flakes and dissolved in alcohol. The number of lack bugs required to produce 1 k¨g (2.2 lb) of shellac is estimated as 50,000, 200,00 or even 300,000. So there´s definitely proof of work here..

Making of6.jpg
Making of 1.jpg

Just as the story of Bitcoin is one of proof of work, of diligence and care, so is this guitar. I painted it with the story of the honeybadger and how he doesn´t play the musical chair game of the market. He listens to his own tunes and enjoyes the ride. Bitcoin culture is one of the important aspects of its adoption and what better way to show your culture, than through music.

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Making of jpeg1.jpg
Making of 4.jpg
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