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The Bitcoin Bhavacakra

Artist Statement

My work is about people, memories, personal stories and interesting moments in history or current events. We are an incredibly interesting and complicated species, and if you listen attentively, you will find fascinating stories everywhere.

                                                                 Yonat Vaks, Visual artist



Yonat Vaks

  • Full_Yama.jpg

    Bitcoin Bhavacakra

  • crypto whaler basque harpoon

    Crypto whaler Basque Harpoon

  • IMG_0536.jpeg

                #Crypto paintings

  • 831E19A1-777A-44A7-A305-D6DEAEECCECA.jpg

    Crypto puzzles


  • Untitled_Artwork.jpg


  • The Villa of the  Digital Art Collector

    The Villa of the Digital Art Collector

  • are you building a Cloud Cuckoo land web

    Animals, Metaphors and current events

  • IMG_0520.jpeg

    Coindesk´s Most Influential portrait - Andre Cronje

  • arise chikun

    Arise Chikun

  • portrait of a crypto miner

    Portrait of a Crypto Miner

In the eyes of the beholder

  • DSC_0009.jpg

    Familiar Strangers

  • 5 generations 5.jpg

    Five Generations

  • סבתא רקמה1.jpg


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