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Arise Chikun

Updated: Sep 3

This GIF is an animated version of the 'Arise Chikun' painting.

The painting is a commentary about the meme culture in crypto. In the bull run of 2017, the Litecoin community used memes and puns in a way few other communities, based on a certain cryptocurrency, did.

"... when the price started to explode, people got excited. I mean they were going off the walls bat-shit crazy, screaming random catch phrases and memes and quotes from random movies and television adapted into Litecoin puns. One such quote was, "Arise, chikun, chikun arise". Gristledorf, April 2017

The chikun is an unofficial symbol of Litecoin and 'going to the moon' is a very well known meme throughout the crypto sphere. Can a meme turn into a fine art oil painting?

The original painting in this GIF is owned by Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin.

Limited Edition of 6

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